How to Change Map In Mobile Legends (ML), New Update

How to Change Map In ML – Mobile Legends has provided various map theme in Mobile Legends. That way, each user can change map in Mobile Legends according to their own wishes.
Of course, every map in Mobile Legends is different. In general, you will only find three folders, which are as follows:
  • The Western Expansion.
  • Imperial Sanctuary.
  • The Celestial Palace.
But sometimes there are certain maps or new map available in Mobile Legends such as the Halloween Carnival map.
But unfortunately you can’t use the map forever because the map will only appear when there are certain events, one of which is the Halloween event.
Then how to change map in Mobile Legends is also very easy. You will find out how after reading the following guide.

How to Change Map In ML

1. First, to change map in ml, open the Mobile Legends game on your device.
2. Then you can enter into a rank mode, classic or another depending on which mode you want to change map.
3. If you are already in room mode, tap on the square icon or the folder icon in the upper right corner.
4. After that, a map in ml will appear that you can change.
5. Select one of the theme folders by pressing it once.
6. If so, press the Confirm button to agree to change map in Mobile Legends.
Now try to play a match in that mode to check if you have successfully change map in Mobile Legends.
If you want to change map theme to HD quality then make sure your device is capable of running because the higher the quality of the map you use, the higher the device specifications you should use.
It aims so that you do not experience errors such as lag, crashes and other things that make you disturbed when playing it.
That’s how to change map in Mobile Legends. Only by entering the room, you can change map theme in Mobile Legends very easily and quickly.

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