How to do Bounties in Genshin Impact, Easy and Fast
How to do Bounties in Genshin Impact – In the game Genshin Impact there is a mission called a bounty quest. Then do you know what is a bounty quest and how to do bounty in Gensin Impact? You can read more in the following.
Bounty quest is a mission that will ask you to find and defeat monsters according to the bounty missions you have got, for example in monstadt or liyue. To find this monster is very difficult because before that you have to look for three clues first.
Well, for those of you who want to complete bounty in Genshin Impact or to do bounties in Genshin Impact, please read the guide I have written below.

How to do Bounties in Genshin Impact

1. You must take or get the quest first.
2. After that, visit the bounty quest area.
3. When you get there, a timer will appear.
4. Find the three hidden objects by activating the elemental sight.
5. Then follow the direction of the blue line or energy line.
6. Next, you will find the clue you are looking for but sometimes these clues are embedded in a plant, soil or monster that you have to defeat.
7. If you have claimed the first clue, you can repeat the third and fourth steps until the targeted monster appears.
8. If the monster has appeared, you must defeat it.
9. If successful, you can return to the NPC or return to where you got the bounties mission in Genshin Impact.
So if you have get bounties quest in Genshin Impact and are in the bounty quest area then the timer will appear with a time of 10 minutes. You have to move quickly to finish it.
In addition, the targeted monsters also have their advantages and disadvantages. You can only get bounty quest every one week up to three times. If you have completed or done three bounty quest then you can get bounty quest next week.
That’s how to do bounties in Genshin Impact. After reading this article, hopefully you can to do bounties in Genshin Impact easily and quickly.

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