How to Drop Spike in Valorant 2021, Very Easy
How to Drop Spike in Valorant – In the game Valorant there is a tool called Spike. Then do you know what is a spike and how to drop spike in Valorant? Here I will explain, for those of you who want to know please read to the end.
The Spike in Valorant is an explosive device. This spike can also defeat all existing enemies so that it will bring your team to victory.
Usually there are two types of people associated with this spike, namely an attacker and defenders. For attackers, they will plant spike that will explode when several enemies approach them.
But for defenders, they can handle it all. They will tame the spike so it won’t explode. Well, maybe you already know about it all, then for how to drop spike in Valorant, you can read in full below.

How to Drop Spike on Valorant

To drop spike in Valorant is very easy. You just need to press the 4 key and then press the G key then you will drop a spike in Valorant. Of course, with this drop spike in Valorant, your teammates can pick it up.
This includes sharing because that way, your friends can use the spikes that you have given or drop them in the right places so that the enemy can be defeated easily.
So, that’s how to drop spike in Valorant. It’s very easy to do, isn’t it? Only by pressing the 4 button and the G button then you can drop spike in Valorant.

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