How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending, Solved

How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending – Snapchat is a photo messaging application that is very popular and widely used by people. But what if it turns out that snapchat not sending snaps, then you have to find a way to fix it.
In addition, there are many factors that cause snaps not to be sent. Usually that’s what makes users confused because the cause is not just one. But you don’t have to worry, this is where I’ll show you.
Alright, below is a guide that you can follow on how to fix snapchat not sending.

How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending

1. Restart Snapchat
The first way you can do to fix snaps not sending is by restarting the application. You can close the snapchat application and reopen it. If necessary, you must log out of your snapchat account and then log back in.
2. Snapchat updates
You should also always check for available updates. For Android users, I have shared an article about how to update Snapchat on Android some time ago.
You can find it on this blog. The purpose of the Snapchat update is for you to get better Snapchat performance.
3. Check your network
Then you have to check the internet network you are using. Make sure your internet network is in good condition. A bad internet network will make snaps not sending.
4. Delete conversation
The next way to fix snapchat not sending is to delete the conversation with that person. Delete all conversations and try to resend them.
5. Checking Snapchat servers
If all of the above methods haven’t fixed it, then you can check whether the Snapchat server is down or not. You can check it through the Downdetector website.
If Snapchat is down then you have to wait until the server has completely recovered.
That’s how to fix snapchat not sending. The method is very easy right. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you. See you in the next post, thank you.

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