How to Get Diluc Genshin Impact 2021, Easy
How to Get Diluc Genshin Impact – In the game Genshin Impact there is a character named Diluc. Here I will discuss how to get diluc Genshin Impact. For those of you who want to know, please read this article to the end.
Diluc is a tier s character that is highly desired by Genshin Impact players because he is one of the strongest pure dps. That’s what makes Diluc a character you want to get.
Actually to get diluc you can do it in two ways, namely by using the wishes feature and also completing story quests. Don’t worry, I’ll explain everything.

How to Get Diluc Genshin Impact

1. With wishes feature
Wishes is a gacha system where you have to do gacha to get diluc. Of course it’s all based on the luck you get, so this method is quite difficult.
But if you try continuously then there is a chance you will get diluc Genshin Impact easily. You have to spend a lot of primogems to continue doing gacha, for example for 10x gacha you need 1600 primogems.
Of course this will make you spend a lot of money because to have a lot of primogem then you have to pay with money.
2. With quest
The second way to get diluc Genshin Impact is to complete all quest. Complete all story quest from start to finish because later you will get characters according to the storyline you have been through.
That’s how to get diluc Genshin Impact. If you want to get diluc Genshin Impact for free, I don’t have a way because there is no way to do that, it’s also definitely strictly prohibited.
If you want to ask, please write in the comments column provided at the bottom of this post. Hopefully this article is useful for you and see you in the next article, thank you.

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