How to Increase My Domain Authority, Easy and Simple

How to Increase My Domain Authority – In the blog world there is a name known as domain authority or DA. Then do you know what is domain authority and how to increase domain authority? You can read more in the following.
Domain Authority (DA) is the value of trust in a website. The higher the value owned by a domain authority, the more trusted the website will be in search engines so that it is not easily lost or displaced.
Of course, if your website wants to compete by getting better rankings in search engines, then this domain authority is very necessary. There are already many websites that have very high domain authority values, it keeps them in place.
If you want that, then you have to find a way to increase domain authority. For how to increase domain authority, you can follow the guide I have written below.

How to Increase My Domain Authority

1. Improve SEO
Improving SEO will also increase domain authority because this is as stated by Moz. SEO in this case you can do on-page or off-page and most importantly all the SEO you do is really good.
2. Expand internal links
You can also multiply internal links. Internal links here can be in the form of read too, related posts and other widgets on your website. This will also make it easier for visitors to find all the pages on your website.
3. Increase website speed
Increasing website speed is one factor to increase domain authority because this will include the bounce rate. If your website is loading too long then visitors will only leave before reading the article.
Therefore you have to increase the speed of the website. It would be even better if you use the amp version of the template. Then to check the speed of the website you can do it using PageSpeed ​​Insights.
4. Mobile friendly
In addition to speed, your website must also be mobile friendly. The mobile friendly display will make visitors feel comfortable because most of them access the website via mobile devices.
To check whether your website is mobile friendly or not, you can use the Mobile-Friendly Site Test site.
5. Quality backlinks
Quality backlinks can also increase domain authority. What are quality backlinks like? Quality backlinks are backlinks with high DA and PA. In addition, the content of the backlink is also the same as the content on your website.
If your website is sharing tutorials then you should look for backlinks with tutorial content and with high DA PA. As long as the domain of the backlink does not have a spam score.
6. Remove spam links
You should also remove spam links that point to your website. This will only make your website domain’s spam score increase and in the end domain authority will be difficult to increase.
That’s how to increase domain authority. To increase domain authority it can’t be fast but it takes a very long time to months so you have to be patient.

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