How to Update Snapchat on Android, It's Easy

How to Update Snapchat on Android – Snapchat allows every user to be able to share important moments obtained with friends or family. If you want to continue using Snapchat then you should always update Snapchat.
For Android smartphone users, you can do Snapchat updates via Playstore or Google. That way you will always get new features from Snapchat. 
Well, if you are an Android user who wants to update Snapchat, here I will try to show you some guidelines on how to update Snapchat on Android, you can read it below.

How to Update Snapchat on Android

1. First, open the Playstore application on your Android.
2. Then type Snapchat in the search field in the Playstore application.
3. Then select Snapchat that appears.
4. After that, you can do how to update Snapchat by pressing the Update button.
5. Then your Snapchat application will be updated to the latest version.
This method is a very easy and fast way to update Snapchat 2021. Besides Playstore, you can also update Snapchat on Android via Google, here’s how.

How to Update Snapchat 2021 Via Google

1. Open a browser and visit the link
2. Then tap on the Latest version button.
3. Then press the D*wnl*ad button and wait for the process to complete.
4. If it is finished, then you must uninstall the Snapchat application installed on your Android.
5. Next, install the latest version of Snapchat that you just got. 
How to update Snapchat on Android via Google is only for Android users who don’t have Playstore or can’t open Playstore.
That’s how to update Snapchat on Android. It’s very easy, isn’t it? Now you can try it yourself.
So in your opinion, between the two methods, which method do you prefer? You can write in the comments column or even on the contact page.