How to Use Razer Gold PIN in ML, Easy And Fast
How to use Razer Gold PIN in ML – Do you know what is a Razer Gold PIN and how to use Razer Gold PIN in ML? Here I will explain it. For those of you who want to know, please read this article to the end.
Razer gold pin is a voucher that you can use to buy various game needs, one of which is currency in the Mobile Legends game or commonly called diamond.
This includes direct top up which means you can exchange your Razer Gold Pin for a game directly. But unfortunately there are still many who do not know it. Even Mobile Legends players are still confused about how to use Razer Gold Pin in ml.
Actually, you can easily do how to use Razer Gold Pin in ml. You will find out after reading the steps I have written below.

How to Use Razer Gold PIN in ML

1. Open your browser and visit
2. Tap the round icon on the top right.
3. Then Sign In to enter using a Razer Gold account.
4. If you don’t have an account, you can create a Razer Gold account first by pressing Create Account.
5. After that, press Gold > Reload Now.
6. Next, tap the Razer Gold PIN.
7. Enter your PIN, if you have press Next.
8. Tap on Gold > Browse Games > Mobile Legends.
9. Select the number of diamonds you want to buy using the Razer Gold Pin in ml by pressing the Buy Now button.
10. Then enter the User ID and Server of your Mobile Legends account.
11. After that, you can choose Payment method with Razer Gold Wallet.
12. Finally, tap on Proceed To Checkout.
That’s how to use razer gold pin in ml. So now, of course, you already know it, because how to use Razer Gold Pin in ml is very easy so that everyone can do it.

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