Who is the Hardest Hero in ML 2021? You Must Know
Who is the Hardest Hero in ML – In the Mobile Legends game there are various kinds of heroes that you can use as you wish. Starting from the easiest heroes and even the hardest hero in ml there are.
Usually for beginners should use the easiest hero so that he can learn for the first time. If he immediately uses the hardest hero then it will definitely only make teammates feel heavy.
Even so, sometimes beginners want to know and ask who is the hardest hero in ml. Actually, there are many hardest hero in ml. If you want to know, please see the following article about the hardest hero in ml.

Who is the Hardest Hero in ML

1. Fanny
First, the hardest hero in ml is Fanny. There is no hardest hero like Fanny because to attack an opponent he has to fly using skill 2. His 2nd skill must also aim right at the wall in order to hit the opponent.
If you are not used to it, surely when you use skill 2 you will never be able to hit the wall. Therefore, to become a pro in playing hero fanny, you have to practice for a long time.
2. Gusion
Gusion is also one of the hardest hero in ml. To be able to play it you must have finger speed because if you are too slow then to lock the opponent it will be very difficult because they can avoid it.
3. Selena
Selena is still the same as Gumon, which requires finger speed. When selena stuns with skill 2 then you have to quickly give the opponent skill 1 and then press ultimate. Then proceed to attack him using skills 1 and 2 after the ultimate.
4. Hanzo
Still in the assassin role, Hanzo is a hero role assassin which is very difficult to use because his ultimate can be separated from his original body. Then to attack the opponent using skills 1 and 2 must be right.
5. Ling
Ling has a very thin cellphone so if you are not good at playing it then you will always lose. Ling needed the speed of his fingers and the precision of every sword that fell from his ultimate so that he could carry out a barrage of attacks.
6. Hayabusa
If you see Hayabusa has skill 1 only to throw shuriken and skill 2 to disappear. Just like that? No, you have to be fast in this case because in addition to the ultimate, the basic attack is also quite painful.
7. Kagura
This time the hardest hero in ml is not a role assassin but a role mage. Kagura is also one of the hardest hero in ml which is not easy to use. He has many skills that can refresh other skills so you have to understand them.
8. Beatrix
Beatrix has been released some time ago. He becomes a very difficult hero role marksman because he has four weapons. You have to know beatrix’s best weapons in order to beat your opponent easily.
9. Kimmy
Kimmy is the hardest role mage marksman hero in ml. Why? Because to attack your opponent you have to direct it properly. Otherwise, the attack will not hit the opponent.
10. Lancelot
Last, the hardest hero in ml is lancelot. You have to understand when the skill will be refreshed and when the basic attack will increase. Lancelot is fairly agile if played by the right people.
That’s the answer to the question who is the hardest hero in ml. Actually all heroes are not as difficult as you think if you are used to playing them and most importantly don’t stop to learn them.

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