How to do the Add Yours on Instagram, It's Easy
How to do the Add Add Yours on Instagram – Instagram has released a new sticker called add yours. This time I will discuss how to do the add add yours on Instagram. For those of you who are looking for this article, please follow this article to the end.
Add yours on Instagram is a sticker that you can use to create questions, topics or challenges for all followers on your Instagram account.
If there are followers who press the add yours sticker that you have made, they can upload photos or videos according to the challenges given.
In addition, you will also get a notification if another user joins your challenge. Later all of that will be put together and you can see.
If you want to create or to do the add yours on Instagram, follow some of the guidelines I’ve written below on how to do the add yours on Instagram.

How to do the Add Yours on Instagram

1. The first step, open Instagram on your device.
2. Then create a story by pressing the + icon on the top left.
3. After that, upload any photo as you like.
4. Tap the sticker icon or smile icon at the top of the screen.
5. Next, to do the add yours on Instagram, you can select the Add Yours sitker.
6. Then write down the topic, challenge or question as you wish.
7. You can also randomly generate topics by pressing the dice icon.
8. If so, press the Send to button.
9. Tap on Share > Done to do the add yours in Instagram stories.
So that’s how to do the add yours on Instagram. As I said above that other users who click on your story can upload a photo or video based on the request that you have made on the add yours Instagram sticker.

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