How to Draw in Instagram Story, It's Very Cool

How to Draw in Instagram Story – Hello friends, meet again with me. This time I will provide the latest tutorial, namely how to draw in Instagram stories. Let’s see the full tutorial below.
Are you a person who likes to draw? It’s not a difficult thing for you to draw as usual. It turns out that you can also draw in Instagram stories, of course with the ideas you have.
The sophistication of today’s technology allows you to do anything, even drawing something you want in your Instagram story, you can do easily. You only need to prepare an image or photo as a background only.
If you are interested and curious to try it, below I will show you how to draw in Instagram story. Please follow the following guidelines properly and correctly.

How to Draw in Instagram Story

1. The first step, please open Instagram and login.
2. Then on the home page, you can swipe the screen to the right.
3. After that, select or upload a photo or image as you wish.
4. Tap the rope-like icon to the right of the sticker icon.
5. To start drawing on Instagram, you can choose a pencil and there is also an eraser there.
6. You can specify the color as you wish.
7. When you have finished drawing, press Send to.
8. Finally, press Share and Done.
In addition to drawing, you can also write there with a variety of colors that you can choose according to your own wishes. Of course you have to have a good idea so that the results of your images also look good.
So that’s how to draw in Instagram story. The method is very easy, right, you can use this method for those of you who like to draw or create your own.
After posting then let your friends judge how good what you have draw in Instagram story.

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