How to Farm Fast in ML, Learn This

How to Farm Fast in ML – In the Mobile Legends game, you will need farming. This time I will share a tutorial on how to farm fast in ml. For those of you who are still beginners in Mobile Legends, please follow this article to the end because so you can understand it.
There are so many Mobile Legends players who want to farm fast in ml, the goal is that the gold they have is superior to the opponent’s gold because that way, you will definitely have more items and very large damage.
Of course it will greatly affect the victory when you compete. The more gold you get, the more items you can buy. Even opponents you can easily defeat.
But so that you can farm fast in Mobile Legends, there are several ways that you really need to understand. Here’s how to farm fast in ml that you can learn.

How to Farm Fast in ML

1. Use high damage heroes
First, for a way to farm fast in ml, you can do it by using heroes who have high damage, for example, heroes assassin, fighter and marksman. The hero can farm fast at the start of the game.
Even with that hero you can farm alone, but not all heroes can survive to farm at the beginning of the game, for example like some marksman heroes.
2. Using the retribution spell
As a jungle player, you must use the retribution spell. This retribution spell is very necessary because it can help you speed up in defeating jungle monsters.
You will also get up to some additional damage so this will make you farm fast in ml.
3. Using the damage emblem
Next, the way to farm fast in ml is to use the damage emblem. You can set the talent emblem to full physical damage. This is usually used by assassin, fighter and marksman heroes.
4. Choose AOE skills
When the game starts, you must select or activate the AOE skill. The AOE skill itself is a skill that has great damage that is owned by each hero.
At the beginning of the game, usually AOE skills are in skill 1 or skill 2. For example, Gusion, he has an AOE skill in skill 2 and Fanny has it in skill 1.
5. Take the red buff first
You have to take the red buff first because the red buff will give additional damage every few seconds to the jungle monster or your opponent. You can use this for farm fast in ml.
6. Ask for help from tanks or support
Then for a way to farm fast in ml, you can ask for help from tanks or support so that the jungle monsters you are fighting are quickly defeated. But you have to remember, you have to still take the last hit.
7. Don’t forget the minions
By the time the game has entered the 5th minute, you can clean the opponent’s minions that attack. Clean up all the minions as much as possible because at 5 minutes and above, the minions will give you a lot of gold.
8. Take the opponent’s jungle monster
Final, the way to farm fast in ml is to take the jungle monster that the opponent has. Here you have to do it with your team and not alone because if you are alone then you will be hit by the opponent’s attack.
That’s how to farm fast in ml. I hope you understand what I have to say about how to farm fast in ml and hopefully it will be useful, thank you.

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