How to Get a Pet In Genshin Impact 2021, Successful

How to Get Pets In Genshin Impact – A pet is an animal that you keep, you can find it in the game Genshin Impact. This time our discussion is about how to get a pet in Genshin Impact. Let’s see the full article below.
Pets don’t only exist in the real world, even in the Genshin Impact game you can have a pet. This is one of the coolest features and the function of the pet in Genshin Impact is the same as in general, where the pet will follow your character wherever you go.
With something new this makes many people interested and want to try it. Of course you can get a pet in Genshin Impact by participating in an event called Lost Riches.
In this event you will get a pet in Genshin Impact for free with several conditions that must be met such as having an adventure rank above 20 and make sure you have also completed a mission called The Outlander Who Caught the Wind.
If you have fulfilled all the requirements properly, then you must proceed to the next step in order to get a pet in Genshin Impact. Here I show you how to get a pet in Genshin Impact.

How to Get Pets In Genshin Impact

1. Go to Stone Gate and talk to the NPC named Ulman.
2. So that you can find out the location of Ulman’s treasure, go to the event page.
3. Go to that location.
Later you will get prizes every day, the prizes are also different. There are around 14 total prizes in the event.
You also don’t need to be confused when looking for treasure because you will be accompanied by Seelie who is a treasure seeker.
The Seelie is blue and will notify players when they approach the treasure with Seelie’s light. If you stay away from the treasure then Seelie will not glow.
In addition, you can also get Seelie in Genshin Impact if you have found at least 14 treasures. There are three choices of mini Seelie, namely Dayflower, Rose and Curcuma.
So that’s how to get a pet in Genshin Impact. You need to know that a pet can only accompany you to travel and he does not do other activities other than accompanying you to go.

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