How to Get Berseker Medal COD Mobile, Only 5 Steps
How to Get Berseker Medal COD Mobile – Call Of Duty is a battle game that beats each other. There you will also find medals such as the berseker medal. It is this berseker medal that makes many people want to get it.
Of course, to get berseker medal in cod mobile, you have to complete or complete the mission because each medal has a different mission. In addition, medal on cod mobile are also available very much.
Well, for those of you who are looking for a way to get berseker medal on cod mobile, here I will explain it. Below is how to get berseker medal cod mobile.

How to Get Berseker Medal COD Mobile

1. Please open the Call Of Duty game.
2. Then you have to play in multiplayer mode.
3. You can play with friends or even alone.
4. If the match has started, you must defeat the enemy up to three times continuously.
5. Make sure you are also not defeated by the enemy because if you lose then the count will start from the beginning again until you can actually defeat the enemy without losing.
Even though it is fairly easy, but what if it turns out that the enemy you are fighting has a very high skill? You have to be careful in this case because the enemies you get are not necessarily easy to beat.
You can also do this by asking friends for help. Give yourself the final blow and ask your friends to protect you. Helping each other in battle is very good. It will speed up you in get berseker medal cod mobile.
So that’s how to get berseker medal cod mobile. The method looks easy and difficult but it all depends on your seriousness and your desire to get berseker medal cod mobile.

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