How to Hide Friend List On FB, Successful

How to Hide My Friends List On FB – Many people ask about how to hide my friends list on fb? Actually to do that is very easy, here I will show you.
The feature to hide friend list in fb is a feature that you can use for privacy. So when other people want to see who your friends are, they will never be able to see them.
But it all depends on the settings you have made for example like public, friends or just me. I’ve also done this because I myself don’t like the friends list set to public or friends.
Then how to hide my friends list in fb? Well, below are some steps you can follow on how to hide my friends list on fb.

How to Hide FriendList On FB

1. First, open Facebook and log into your account.
2. Tap the three line menu icon at the top right.
3. Then tap on Settings.
4. After that, tap on How People Find and Contact You in the Audience and Visibility section.
5. Next, tap on Who can see your friends list.
6. You can choose Public, Friends, Only Me or others.
7. Done.
You need to note here that if you choose Public, it means that everyone can see your friends list, including people who are not yet friends with you. If it is a friend then only your friends can see the friends list.
If you select Only Me then the friends list will be hidden from your Facebook account and all people who are or are not friends can’t see it.
That’s how to hide my friends list on fb. After reading this article, hopefully you can understand how to hide my friends list in fb which I have shown above.

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