How to Hide Likes On Instagram 2021, 100% Working

How to Hide Likes On Instagram – The photo-themed social media application is Instagram. Each user can share interesting photos produced from their own device camera.
Lots of photos or pictures are posted on Instagram every day. After they post a photo, usually there will be several people who like the post. This is natural because in general, almost all social media applications have a like feature.
There are posts that have a large count of likes and there are also few. Posts with a small count of likes make some people feel embarrassed so they start looking for ways to hide like on Instagram.
How to hide like count on Instagram is no longer impossible because Instagram has provided a feature to hide the number of likes.
Well, if you are interested and want to do it, let’s see how to hide likes on Instagram as I have written below.

How to Hide Likes Count On Instagram 2021

1. First, open your Instagram account.
2. Then find the post that you want to hide the number of likes.
3. Tap on the three-dot icon in the right corner of the post.
4. After that, you can hide like count on Instagram by selecting Hide Like Count.
5. Then all the likes in your post have been successfully hidden.
Later other people will not be able to see the number of likes on your Instagram posts. You can’t even see it yourself. But if you want to see it again then you have to restore it as before.
Then how to display likes count on Instagram back to the way it was before? Read the steps below.

How to Show Likes Count On Instagram

1. Find your post.
2. Press the three dots icon in your post.
3. Then select Unhide Like Count.
So that’s how to hide likes on Instagram. Now you can do it yourself and surely you will succeed in hide like count on Instagram.

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