How to Limit Comments on Instagram 2021, Easy
How to Limit Comments on Instagram – This time I will discuss how to limit comments on IG. You should know this feature because this feature is very important and you can use it for several purposes.
The limit comments feature on IG is a feature that you can use to restrict people from commenting on your Instagram posts. With this feature you can set it as you wish.
For example if you want to limit comments on ig to everyone, people who follow you and your followers, people you follow and people who follow you. You can do all that in just a few steps.
Well, no need to linger, you can try it yourself after reading the following guide on how to limit comments on IG.

How to Limit Comments on Instagram

1. First, open Instagram and login.
2. Then tap your profile icon in the lower right corner.
3. Tap the three line menu in the upper right corner.
4. After that, tap on Settings.
5. Tap on Privacy.
6. Tap on Comments.
7. Next, press Allow Comments From.
8. There will be 4 options, which are as follows:
People You Follow and Your Followers.
People You Follow.
Your Followers.
9. Choose one according to your wishes.
If you select Everyone, everyone can comment on you including people who are not yet a follower and you are not following. If People You Follow and Your Followers, only people you follow and your followers can comment.
If People You Follow, only people you follow can leave comments. If You are Followers, only your followers will comment on your Instagram account.
That’s how to limit comments on ig. The method is very easy, right, with just a few steps, you can quickly limit comments on ig. You can also do this method on Android.

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