How to Make an Instagram IG Reel, Photos/Music/Videos

How to Make an IG Reel – Instagram is included in a very popular social media application, you can also find the reel feature. Here I will show you how to make an Instagram reel with music photos and videos. Check out the full article below.
Instagram reel is a feature where you can make a short video with various effects, audio and other things. You can even make one video from several videos that you have selected.
Of course, Instagram users are familiar with this feature because this Instagram reel has been tried and used by many users on Instagram. You’ll want to try it too, right?
Then how to make an Instagram reel?
Well, if you want to try to make an Instagram reel, below I’ve written it. Here are some guidelines on how to make an Instagram reel that you can follow.

How to Make an IG Reel

1. Open the Instagram application and make sure you are logged in.
2. Then swipe your screen to the right as you would create an Instagram story.
3. After that, tap on Reel.
4. Next, start recording your video.
5. To make an Instagram reel with photos, music and videos, you can add photos, music or videos.
6. If you feel you have had enough, you can post the Instagram reel of it.
You can specify a video duration between 15 to 30 seconds. In addition, you can speed up videos, add effects, beautify the display, combine videos on Instagram reel.
That’s how to make an Instagram reel. You can choose with photos, music and videos according to your own wishes. Make sure the Instagram reel you make is interesting so that many people like it.
If the Instagram reel feature does not appear, you must update the Instagram application you are using. That way, how to make Instagram reel you can do easily as I explained above.

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