How to Pin Messages in Telegram in 6 Steps

How to Pin a Message in Telegram – Telegram is one of the most popular chat applications. In it, there is a feature that you can use to pin a message in Telegram. This feature functions the same as other chat applications.
The purpose of pin message in Telegram is so that the person you send the chat to can reread messages you have sent previously. Messages that you have pinned on Telegram will appear below the contact’s name.
It indicates that the message is very important and should be read. This is what Telegram users want so that all messages don’t go unnoticed.
Well, how to pin a message in Telegram is very easy. You can even do it not only on the Telegram channel, even in groups or on Android. Ok, here is how to pin a message in Telegram.

How to Pin Messages in Telegram

1. Open your Telegram application.
2. Then enter into your chat room with other people.
3. After that, tap once on one of the messages you want to embed.
4. Several options will appear, select Pin.
5. Check the Also pin for box.
6. If you have, press PIN then on your screen a notification will appear that the message is pinned.
The message will always appear at the top of your screen, just below the contact’s name. In the chat will also appear writing that states you have pinned the message.
Also, if you want to unpin a message, simply tap on the X icon to the right of the message and press UNPIN then the message you have pinned at the top of the screen will disappear.
That’s what I can share about how to pin a message in Telegram. You can do it on channels, groups and on any Android device.

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