How to React on IG DM, Let's Get Started

How to React on IG DM – In addition to react in posts or stories, you can also give react on ig dm. Want to know how to react on ig dm? Let’s read this article because this article will tell you about how to react on ig dm.
The React feature has been widely used by users on Instagram because with React users can more easily convey what they are currently feeling without the need to type long messages.
It turns out that you can also do react on ig dm. Of course this will make your conversation or message simpler and easier. What’s more, if you have a lot of messages to reply to then just react on ig dm is enough.
Alright, below is how to react on ig dm or how to react to ig message that you can do. Please follow the written guide below.

How to React on IG DM

1. First, update your Instagram.
2. Then to react on Instagram dm, open Instagram and login.
3. Go to a message.
4. Press and hold on the message.
5. A reaction will appear.
6. If you want to choose react on ig dm more, press the + icon.
7. If you have chosen one of the reacts, it will be sent immediately and you have successfully done how to react on ig dm.
So it’s not just a few react that you can send on ig dm, there are even lots of reacts that you can choose as you wish.
Don’t forget, if react on ig dm is not yet available on your Instagram then you have to update it as I said above.
That’s how to react on ig dm, it’s very easy, right. With just a few steps, you can react on ig dm.

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