How to React on IG Story 2021 in 6 Steps
How to React on IG Story – Instagram story is a short story that is uploaded to users on Instagram. Already many people know and try it every day. When other people create Instagram stories, you can also react on IG story with emoticons.
The emoticon is intended so that users can provide quick responses without writing a word or message on an Instagram story. Only by choosing one of the quick responses using emoticons then you can react on Instagram story.
However, maybe not everyone knows how to react on Instagram story. What’s more for new users, they will definitely be confused when they want to react on Instagram story.
Luckily now you are in the right article that will discuss how to react on Instagram story. So you will know and be able to do that after reading how to react in IG story.

How to React on IG Story

1. The first step, open the Instagram application on the device you are using.
2. Then if you have not logged in, you must first log into your Instagram account.
3. After that, select an Instagram story that you want to react to.
4. If your screen has started to see the running Instagram story, tap on the column to write a message.
5. Next, a Quick Response will appear in the form of an emoticon.
6. The next way to react on IG story is to press one of the emoticons, the reaction on Instagram story will be sent immediately.
Later, the IG story reaction that you have submitted will be added to your chat list so that you and the user can continue discussing the story that you have reacted to.
Well, that’s how to react on IG story. Now you can react on Instagram story to other users or your friends without limits.

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