How to Remove Archive in Telegram, It's Very Simple

How to Remove Archive in Telegram – Did you know that you can delete archive in Telegram. This is one of the features in the Telegram application and this feature will also be our discussion this time, with the following explanation.
Recently seen a lot of people want to delete archive in Telegram. Maybe because the archive is no longer important. As it is known that when you archive a chat it means that you have hidden the chat.
If there are several chats that you archive then it will fill the archive list on Telegram and it’s not even pleasing to the eye. Therefore you have to delete archive in Telegram to give a little space in your chat list.
If you’re looking for a way to delete archive chat in Telegram, you’re right there. Now you are in an article that will discuss showing about it. Well, here’s how to delete archive in Telegram that you can follow.

How to Remove Archive in Telegram

1. The first step, open the Telegram application on your device.
2. Then in the chat list you can see archived chats on Telegram.
3. You can tap on those Archived Chats.
4. After that, press and hold on one of the chats you’ve had with someone on Telegram.
5. The next way to delete archive chat in Telegram is to press the trash or delete icon at the top of the screen just to the left of the three-dot menu icon.
6. Finally, check the box provided and press Delete Chat.
Now you have delete archive in Telegram and of course your chat list will be lighter than before because you have deleted the chats that are not important.
That’s how to remove archive in Telegram. The method is very easy to do, with just a few steps, you can follow how to delete archive in Telegram, as I wrote above.

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