How to Remove FB Friends in ML, Must Know

How to Remove FB Friends in ML – Hello friends, meet again with me. In this spare time I will share a tutorial on how to remove fb friends in ml or in Mobile Legends. Let’s take a closer look at the following article.
When you connect your Mobile Legends account with Facebook, automatically all your Facebook friends who play Mobile Legends will appear in your Mobile Legends game friends list. Of course this is useful so that you can play with them.
But on the other hand, there are also people who don’t want their friends list on Facebook to appear, even they want to delete it. The reason, maybe because the account is no longer active so they want to do that to save the friendship limit.
As it is known that the friendship limit on Facebook reaches 5000 and if Facebook is linked to the Mobile Legends game, your Mobile Legends friends may also reach 5000.
If in that number there are friends who are no longer active then you have to remove fb friends in ml.
How to remove fb friends in ml is also very easy to do. You just need to follow some of the guidelines that I have written below.

How to Remove FB Friends in ML

You can remove fb friends in ml by unlinking your Facebook account with the Mobile Legends game. You need to know that you cannot remove fb friends in ml directly because there is no button to delete.
So you have to unbind that Facebook account and then associate your Mobile Legends game with a new Facebook account or something else.
That way, your fb friends will disappear from the friends list in Mobile Legends. Also delete Mobile Legends on Facebook via settings.
That’s how to remove fb friends in ml. So in addition to unbind, you also put your fb friends on the black list but that will not remove your fb friends in ml.

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