How to Report IGN in ML, It's Work

How to Report IGN in ML – Did you know that Mobile Legends has a feature to report IGN in ml? Yes, here I will discuss how to report ign in ml or Mobile Legends. For those of you who are looking for a way, let’s look at this article together.
Sometimes when you play and see players playing cheating, you will definitely be annoyed with that player. How not, surely you will be defeated in a row because they use help to win the match.
For example, using a wide map, causing lag and others. Then you have to report account to Moonton so that Moonton will handle it. Moonton himself also doesn’t like players who play cheating.
Well, if you want to report ign in ml, you need to know the steps. Here’s how to report ign in ml.

How to Report IGN in ML

1. The first step, please open your Mobile Legends game.
2. Then tap on the headset icon to the right of your profile icon.
3. There you can choose Report or Appeal.
4. After that, select the problem that makes you want to report ign in ml.
5. Next, tap on Tap Here to Send Report.
6. Now you can write down all the requested data.
7. In the section to describe your problem, you can write ign such as account name, ID and also server.
8. If you have filled everything in properly, press the Send button then your request to report ign in ml will be processed immediately.
You just need to wait until you receive a reply from the report you have sent to Moonton. Usually you will get a reply in 1 day or even up to 7 days. You can check the reply to the message on the headset icon.
That’s how to report ign in ml. The way to report ign in ml as above is very effective but what you have to remember is don’t report ign in ml on purpose because it will not work. So you should report people who are actually cheating.

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