How to Unbind FB in ML, Easy And Fast
How to Unbind FB in ML – Is the Facebook account connected to your Mobile Legends having problems? Immediately unlink or unbind fb in ml because so that your Mobile Legends game remains safe and can be played again, this is where I will discuss it.
The purpose of unbind fb in ml is different, maybe because their Facebook account is no longer used or something else. Of course, you can unlink your Facebook account in ml because Moonton himself has told you how.
Before starting, make sure you have also linked Mobile Legends with other accounts such as Google Play Games, VK accounts or TikTok accounts.
Because if you only link to a Facebook account then later when you want to unlink or unbind fb in ml it will not be allowed and it’s the same as removing or deleting your own Mobile Legends account.
Well, if there are other services connected, then you can immediately start how to unbind fb in ml. For how to unbind fb in ml, you can follow these steps.

How to Unbind FB in ML

1. Open the Mobile Legends game.
2. Enter the Mobile Legends account profile by pressing the profile icon in the upper left corner.
3. Then tap the Accounts tab.
4. Tap on Account Center on the right side of the screen.
5. In the Account Security section, tap 3rd Party Account Disconnect Self-service.
6. After that, select Facebook.
7. Next, enter all the required data.
8. If all the data you entered is correct then at that time you have successfully unbind fb in ml.
After you unbind your Facebook account in ml, you must immediately re-link it with another Facebook account so that your account is not lost. If you don’t do that, your Mobile Legends account will be permanently deleted.
That’s how to unbind fb in ml. The method is very easy, right, with just a few steps, you can unbind your fb account in ml easily and quickly.

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