How to Update Mobile Legends, It's Easy

How to Update Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends is a moba game that has many users around the world. Because this Mobile Legends game always does the latest updates every few times so that users can experience the latest features.
Of course, that’s what makes users feel at home and never get tired of playing it. However, when Mobile Legends has a new update, some users are still confused about how to update ml.
Actually to do this is very easy. For Android users, you just have to go to the Playstore and for iOS users, you go to the App Store.
If you want to update ml game, please read how to update Mobile Legends which I have written below.

How to Update Mobile Legends

1. First, to update official server in Mobile Legends, open the Playstore application on your Android.
2. Then search for the Mobile Legends game by typing in the application or game search field.
3. If it appears, press on Mobile Legends.
4. Then press the Update button and wait for the Mobile Legends update process to finish.
5. If the Mobile Legends update is complete then you can open and play Mobile Legends again.
How to update Mobile Legends above is specifically for Android smartphone users because we do it through the Playstore. But if you are an iOS user, you can follow how to update Mobile Legends on iOS as follows.

How to Update Mobile Legends in App Store

1. Open Settings on your iOS device.
2. Then select iTunes & App Store.
3. Then select the Updates menu to disable.
4. Then wait a few seconds and activate the Updates menu again.
5. After that, just update Mobile Legends on the App Store or iOS device.
That’s how to update Mobile Legends. If you can’t do the two ways to update ml above, then you have to do it through a browser by installing the latest version of Mobile Legends. 
There are many sites that provide Mobile Legends games, you can look for them yourself. If you have any questions, please write them in the comments, thank you.

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