13 Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends 2021 Season 23

Are you someone who always plays in Mobile Legends rank mode? If so, you must know the best hero for solo ranked Mobile Legends because so you can win every match easily in that rank mode.
As we know that there are many heroes in Mobile Legends. Each hero has their own abilities, which you can use against other heroes. But once in a while there must be a hero who is very overpowered.
What’s more, if you use it for solo ranked, the win rate is definitely higher. Even if you are not very proficient in using the hero. Therefore if you want to play solo ranked, you must know the best hero for solo ranked.
But you don’t need to worry because here I will show you a list of the best hero for solo ranked Mobile Legends.

Best Hero For Solo Ranked Mobile Legends

1. Selena
Now Selena has greater damage than before because she has received a buff from Moonton. This hero is very suitable for solo players because you will not need buffs or jungle.
You only need to keep a mid lane and help your teammates during war. You will get a part to make the opponent unable to move using skill 2 which is owned by selena.
2. Kagura
Just like selena, kagura also does not need buffs and jungle. He will be in the mid lane and roaming to the top and bot lane to help friends. When the opposing team gathers, you can use an extraordinary kagura combo.
3. Paquito
Even though this hero has been nerfed but that will not remove him from the banned list. He’s still banned in draft pick mode because it’s troublesome with his ultimate. In addition, the defense is very strong so it is not easy to beat.
4. Aldous
Aldous can defeat the opponent in a short time and quickly. If the game has entered the late game then you have to be careful if you meet Aldous because his damage and defense will increase many times.
5. Valentina
Just like Paquito, even though Valentina has been nerfed, she is still a hero who troubles opponents. How not, he can turn into an opposing hero with the ulti he has. He also has agility in movement.
6. Yi Sun Shin
Yi sun shin is very suitable to be used as a core or mid lane hero who requires buffs and jungle because so he can quickly get items.
If all the items have been obtained, he will surely attack the opponent with great damage. In addition, yss or yi sun shin can also open a map with his ultimate so that there is no chance for opponents hiding in the grass.
7. Karina
Karina is a hero who is very overpowered, she can defeat opponents with just a few attacks. For those of you who are looking for the best hero for solo ranked Mobile Legends, Karina can be an option.
But you need to remember, you have to be a core using karina.
8. Lancelot
Many say that Lancelot is the most agile hero. If played by the right person then Lancelot is not easy to beat. Lancelot is like Karina, he must be a core that is in the mid laner.
9. Edith
Edith, who is a new hero in season 23, had become a very overpowered hero. Edith has been on the banned list so it’s hard to use. But if you pass, it’s a good idea to use edith for solo ranked.
10. Beatrix
Beatrix is ​​still the best hero for solo ranked Mobile Legends. Even though he doesn’t have the skill to stop the opponent, the damage he has is too big. In addition, he can also run from opponents using the skills he has.
11. Brody
Brody is not inferior to beatrix, he has the skill to stop the opponent. Even though the damage is too slow, but in one attack it will do a lot of damage to the opponent.
12. Nathan
Some time ago Nathan had been nerfed by Moonton but he still made it difficult for the opponent to catch him because his skills could push the opponent.
13. Hayabusa
Hayabusa is still hard to catch even though the cooldown of skill 2 has been reduced. He became a mid laner who was fairly difficult to beat, so some players forbade the opposing team to use hayabusa.
So those are some of the best hero for solo ranked Mobile Legends. Now depending on your own choice, use according to the skills you have.

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