How to Catch Animals In Genshin Impact With Easy Steps
Catching animals in Genshin Impact you can do because it is included in the mission that you must complete. Not just one animal but three animals that you have to catch in Genshin Impact. Actually it’s not catching but rather it leads to saving three animals.
Of course there are some tricks that you must understand because there are other animals that look after them. If you immediately do it without understanding how to do it, it is possible that the guard animal will know where you are so you will fail.
In the area of ​​​​the animal that you will catch, it has 2 diversions, namely smoke and fireworks. You can use one of the diversions before you actually get close to the animal you want to catch.
But what you should pay attention to here is that the animal that you can catch or save is an animal that has a light above its head and the light is shaped like a circle.

How to Catch Animals In Genshin Impact

To save or catch animals in Genshin Impact, you must go to Investigation Location: Hideout. Then you also have to avoid the Canine Bunshin or the red light from the guard animal.
After that, save the small animals in the area by activating the Sm*to Machine or fireworks to divert attention to the guard animals.
If you have activated one of the available diversions, approach the animal that has light and point your gadget then you have successfully saved or captured the animal in Genshin Impact.
If you manage to catch one animal then you need to catch two other animals that are also in that location. Do the same as the first method.
I slightly forgot to tell you that before starting to complete the event, you must also use a gadget or equipment called Ubiquity Net.
So that’s how to catch animals in Genshin Impact. The method is very easy to do and I hope this article is useful for you, thank you.

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