How to Delete a Blog On Blogger 2022

Currently blogs are already used to share the latest information on the internet. Everyone who wants to get the information they need must look for it on the blog. This blog has many types, one of which is a blog on Blogger.
Sometimes there are people who want to delete a blog on Blogger, the goal may be because the blog is no longer used. Of course the blog admin can do this because he is the owner of the blog on Blogger.
But really for beginners, how to delete a blog on Blogger is not easy, even some of them are confused by it. They are just not familiar with all the displays or menus on Blogger.
Actually all that you can do through the settings. There you will find many different menus, including deleting blogs. So, if you want to delete your own blog on Blogger, here I will show you how.

How to Delete a Blog On Blogger

1. Open a browser and visit the website.
2. You must log in using a Blogger account first.
3. If you are already logged in, tap the three line menu icon in the upper left corner.
4. Then tap Settings.
5. Scroll down until you are in the Manage Blog section.
6. Next, tap Delete your blog.
7. Tap, Delete button that appears on the screen.
8. Finally, tap Delete Permanently.
If you don’t press the Delete button permanently then the blog you deleted is not completely deleted, you can even find it again. If you want to delete your blog on blogger then press the Delete Permanently button.
You need to know here, however, that blogs that are permanently deleted cannot be recovered. So you have to think about it carefully, don’t make the wrong move.
That’s how to delete a blog on Blogger. Maybe this article will be useful for those of you who are still beginners in the blogging world, especially for the Blogger platform.

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