How to Eat Food In Genshin Impact, It Turns Out Like This

Hello friends, have you ever heard that in the game Genshin Impact you can eat food? Yes, this is where I will give an article about how to eat food in Genshin Impact. So this can help your character last longer.
In general, we as living beings will definitely need food that must be eaten every day. Of course so that we can continue to live and have the energy to carry out activities as usual.
Sometimes in the Genshin Impact game there is a quest that requires you to collect or make a food. Later, when the food has been successfully made, you can eat food.
But unfortunately there are still some players who don’t know how to eat food in Genshin Impact. Even though to do it is very easy, you only need to choose the food you want to eat.
How to eat food in Genshin Impact in full, you can follow these steps.

How to Eat Food In Genshin Impact

Before you enjoy or eat food in Genshin Impact, you have to make food first. You don’t need to be confused about what to eat because there are food quests that you can eat in Genshin Impact.
To make food you also have to collect the recipe. Make sure you can collect all the recipes completely. If you have then start to make food according to the quest.
If the food you make is ready, then you can immediately eat food in Genshin Impact by opening the Inventory and then tap Food, after that select the food and tap Use.
Then automatically the character you use will eat food that is already in your Inventory and of course now your character’s stamina will increase more or as before.
That’s how to eat food in Genshin Impact. How to eat food in Genshin Impact is not as difficult as you collect ingredients or recipes because you can find food in the Inventory.

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