How to get Edith Mobile Legends With Edith Exchange Token

Recently Moonton has released a new hero named edith in Mobile Legends. Then how to get edith Mobile Legends? Here I will review it for you. Let’s look at the following article together.
Edith Mobile Legends is a new hero who has the role of tank marksman because she brings a robot like a jawhead. With that robot he has a very strong defense so it is very suitable to be used as a tank hero.
But when he takes out the ultimate, he will come down from the robot and attack the opponent from a distance. This makes him a marksman hero whose damage is quite extraordinary.
With the Edith Mobile Legends hero, many people want to get it. But it turns out that to get Edith Mobile Legends, you don’t need to use battle points or diamonds. You just need to exchange edith exchange token.
Curious as to how to get Edith Mobile Legends? Please follow these steps.

How to get Edith Mobile Legends

1. First, make sure you have an edith exchange token.
2. Then go to the Events tab.
3. Tap on the Phylax Exchange tab.
4. To get Edith Mobile Legends, tap the Exchange button.
5. Finally, press the Exchange button again that appears on the screen.
6. Congratulations, you have managed to get Edith Mobile Legends.

Where can I get edith exchange token?

Edith exchange token you can get if you have logged in a few days before. In the event tab you can retrieve the edith exchange token. But if the day of the exchange for the edith exchange token has come, then you cannot get edith exchange token again.
You could say that you are too late and there is no special way to get the edith exchange token back because the event has been lost. So you can buy edith Mobile Legends using battle points or diamonds in Mobile Legends.
That’s how to get Edith Mobile Legends. I hope you understand it well. See you in the next article, thank you.

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