How to Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile Android, Easily

In the PUBG game there is an item named uc. So what exactly is uc in PUBG and how do you get free uc in PUBG mobile Android? Here I will explain it, let’s see together the following article.
UC is an item that can be used to pay if you buy something in the PUBG game. You could say that uc is the main currency in the PUBG game. Being a currency makes many players want to get free uc.
Actually, how to get uc in PUBG mobile Android you can do it directly through a store that works with Tencent. But because players don’t have more money they are looking for free uc.
Surely there is still a way to get free uc in PUBG mobile Android. You will find out after reading the following steps.

How to Get Free UC In PUBG Mobile

1. From Google Opinion Rewards
You can get free uc in PUBG mobile Android through Google Opinion Rewards. You just need to install and take the survey. After you do the survey many times, you will be given a prize in the form of a balance.
Later you can exchange the balance with UC for free if it is in accordance with the price. You also need to select the Google Play Balance to be used for the uc payment.
2. Purchase the Elite Pass
Buying elite pass also supports you get free uc. The prizes when you buy the elite pass vary but sometimes you will get some money. this is money you can use to buy uc.
3. Sign up for the App
Many apps will give away gifts like Google Play Gift Cards. You just need to register and then complete the available missions so that you get a lot of points. The more missions you complete, the more points you get.
4. Participate in PUBG Events
Usually there are several events that will give you free uc in PUBG mobile Android. sometimes this event will be notified via the fanspage on Facebook.
So you should always check the PUBG page, who knows there is an event that will give free uc.
That’s how to get free uc in PUBG mobile Android. Hope you manage to get it and hopefully useful, thank you.

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