How to Get Spotify Receiptify With 6 Steps

How to get spotify receiptify is now something that some people want because spotify receiptify looks really cool. But before that, do you know what is spotify receiptify? Here I will explain, see the full article.
Spotify receiptify is a list of songs you’ve heard. But the right does not appear as usual but looks like you are done shopping. All the list of songs that have been heard will be included in the shopping receipt.
Of course this is a very extraordinary thing. Even later you can share spotify receiptify on various other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and others.
So, more precisely, when you finish shopping and pay at the cashier, you will get receipt containing a shopping list. But for spotify receiptify, the receipt will contain songs that you have heard or often heard before.
Interested to try it? Please follow how to get spotify receiptify below.

How to Get Spotify Receiptify

1. Open a browser and visit the website
2. Login using your spotify account.
3. After that, choose the last time you listened to the song, there are 3 choices, namely:
  • Last Month.
  • Last 6 Months.
  • All Time.
4. If you have selected the time, the receipt or spotify receipt will appear.
5. To be able to get spotify receiptify, tap the D*wnl*ad Image button.
6. Then spotify receiptify will automatically be saved on your device.
In spotify receiptify you will see your spotify account name, time, code and website name that has been used. When you choose a time, I suggest selecting All Time so that you can get all the songs you’ve ever listened to.
The more songs you’ve listened to, the longer the list of songs that come out of spotify receiptify. Now you can share spotify receiptify on social media so that your friends are curious about what you have done.
In addition to the website above, there are several other websites that can be used to get spotify receipt, including:
That’s how to get spotify receiptify. You can choose the website according to your wishes. In essence, all the websites above can function to get spotify receiptify.

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