How to Get Super Giant In COC, It's Easy

If you play Clash Of Clans, you can enlarge the troops there as well as the super giant. Lots of people are competing to get super giant in coc. Of course, with the super giant, it will be very helpful when you attack your opponent.
The super giant is bigger than the usual giant so that its strength will also increase by many times. Super giant can be used the first time when you start attacking the opponent’s town hall because it can withstand each attack longer.
Super giant in COC can penetrate walls faster, especially if the amount you spend is very large. So to withstand the attack, there is no need to use other troops.
So for those of you who want to get super giant in COC, below I have several ways that might help you. Here’s how to get super giant in coc.

How to Get Super Giant In COC

1. First, to get super giant in coc, upgrade your town hall until it reaches town hall level 12.
2. Then you have to increase the giant level to level 9.
3. To level up your giant you will need around 25,000 dark elixir.
4. If the giant is at level 9 then you can use the super potion.
5. The super potion will turn your giant into a super giant for three days.
6. Later, the super giant level that you have given the super potion will be in accordance with the giant level you have.
If you want to get super giant in coc through clan castle then make sure you have clan castle level 6 or higher than that level. If your castle clan is still under level 6 then you can’t.
That’s how to get super giant in coc. Hopefully this article can help those of you who are looking for how to get super giant in COC. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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