How to Mute Hashtags On Twitter

Twitter has a feature that can mute hashtags. Of course, this feature is needed for some users. This is where I will explain how to mute hashtags on Twitter for certain purposes so that users avoid unwanted status or content.
The hashtag mute feature on Twitter is a feature where you can mute people who tag or mention you with a hashtag. Even if that person has done it, you can filter which hashtags are good and which are not.
So you can avoid content that you think is not good or not interesting. But for sure, mute hashtags is not the same as blocking users. You can still do other activities with that user such as sending messages and others.
Alright, if you want to mute hashtags on Twitter, please follow the steps I gave below on how to mute hashtags on Twitter.

How to Mute Hashtag On Twitter

1. Open your Twitter account.
2. Then tap the menu.
3. After that tap Settings and privacy.
4. Next tap Privacy and safety.
5. Tap Mute and block.
6. Tap Muted words.
7. Tap the + icon in the top right corner.
8. You can enter hashtags, usernames or words in the fields provided.
9. Set the time as you want.
10. When everything is done, tap the Save button.
When you mute hashtag, word or username, if someone gives you a hashtag related to the word you have muted, you will not get a notification about it.
Some of the things you should understand when entering or mute hashtags on Twitter are as follows:
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters will be considered the same.
  • Muting words also includes muting hashtags.
  • To mute a user, add @ in front of the username.
  • The word will not appear in your email.
That’s how to mute hashtags on Twitter. I hope you can understand it well because how to mute hashtag on Twitter is very easy to do.

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