How to Put IG Account On FB Bio, Only 2 Steps

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media applications by everyone. You can even connect the two Instagram accounts with Facebook to become one, for example, like put your Instagram account on your Facebook bio.
Later, everyone or your friends who see your Instagram account in your Facebook bio, it will be easier for them to add it. You can also use this to promote your accounts.
Actually, it’s not only Instagram account that you can put on your Facebook bio, but other social media too. But here what I will show you is how to put Instagram account in Facebook bio.
Well, for those of you who are currently looking for a way to do it, there is no need to be confused because below I will explain. Please see the complete steps on how to put Instagram account in Facebook bio.

How to Put IG Account On FB bio

1. Open your Facebook account first.
2. Make sure you know the username of your Instagram account.
3. In Facebook, tap the three line menu and go to Profile.
4. If you have logged into your Facebook account profile, tap Edit Profile.
5. How to put IG account on FB bio is to tap Edit to the right of the Bio text.
6. Then there you can enter your Instagram account link or username as follows
Username : sluruls
Link + Username :
7. If you have, you can save it.
You need to note here that the username or Instagram account link that you have put in the Facebook bio will not be an active link. If you want the link to be active and clickable by friends, then you must enter it in the Contact Info section, here’s how.

How to Put Instagram Account On Facebook Bio

1. Open and log into your Facebook account via a browser.
2. Then go to Profile.
3. Tap the Edit Public Details button.
4. Tap Add in the Links section.
5. In the Social Links section, tap Add Social Link.
6. After that, select Instagram.
7. Next, put your IG account in FB Account name column.
8. If you have, press the Save button then you have successfully put IG account on FB bio.
Those are some steps you can take on how to put Instagram account on Facebook bio. How to put IG account on FB bio is very easy so that all users can try it.

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