How to Recharge in ML Using GCash, Let's Go

Mobile Legends has various types of ways that you can do to recharge diamonds, one of which is GCash. This time I will show you how to recharge in ml using GCash. For those of you who want to know, follow this article until it’s finished.
Diamonds in Mobile Legends are needed to be able to buy various favorite items, for example, heroes, skins, emotes and others. The more diamonds you have, the more items you can buy in Mobile Legends.
Moonton doesn’t make it difficult for players to be able to recharge diamonds in ml. Even other diamond provider websites also help by providing a diamond payment instrument in ml via GCash.
Of course, this attracts a lot of players so they want to try buy diamonds in ml using GCash. Maybe you are also the one who is looking for a way to recharge in ml using GCash, right. Alright, you can follow these steps.

How to Recharge In ML Using GCash

1. To recharge in ml using GCash, open a browser and visit the website
2. Then select Mobile Legends.
3. After that, you must enter the User ID and Zone ID of your Mobile Legends account correctly.
4. Next, select the ml diamonds you want to buy in the Select Recharge section.
5. In the Select Payment section, you can choose to pay in ml using GCash.
6. Then in GCash, the price for the number of diamonds ml that you have selected will appear.
7. Enter your Email address if required.
8. If you have filled everything correctly, press the Buy Now button.
9. Complete the payment and you have successfully recharge in ml using GCash.
Be careful when filling in your User ID and Zone ID for your Mobile Legends account. Don’t make a mistake when you write it because the diamonds you buy will not enter your account.
In the Email section, you are allowed to enter an Email or not because it is only optional. It will only show proof of purchase and payment of diamonds in ml only.
Also make sure the money or balance in your GCash is sufficient to be able to buy diamonds in Mobile Legends using GCash.
That’s how to recharge in ml using GCash. Surely now you know it and good luck, thank you.

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