How to Restart On Clash Royale, Android / iOS / iPhone

Clash Royale is one of the most interesting and successful games played by many people. Even though it’s an interesting game, that doesn’t mean Clash Royale won’t have problems like errors. In the end you will need a way to restart on Clash Royale.
The purpose of restart in Clash Royale is so that the application or game can run more normally like the first time you installed it. In addition, if you restart then you will eliminate problems that often occur in applications.
But unfortunately there are still many who don’t know how to restart in Clash Royale. Even though it’s actually very easy to do, most of them haven’t learned it, so it’s only natural that they don’t know.
Fortunately at this meeting and free time I will show you how so you will know it. Let’s see how to restart on Clash Royale as follows.

How to Restart In Clash Royale

To restart on Clash Royale you just need to go into the device Settings. After that, open the application or game menu and look for the Clash Royale game. There you have to clear the cache first. Once the cache is cleared, you can proceed with deleting data.
This will make the Clash Royale game look like new again because you have deleted all cache and data. Later when you want to play Clash Royale again, you have to re-login.
Re-login using the account you created or linked earlier. After that you can play as usual. How to restart in Clash Royale you can do on all types of devices such as Android, iPhone or iOS.
But if you are not sure then after clearing cache and data you can restart the device you are using too, the goal is to make memory usage more relieved like the beginning.
That’s how to restart on Clash Royale. It turns out that after reading this article how to restart in Clash Royale is very easy to do and surely this step will work for you.

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