How to See ALT Text On Twitter, Only 4 Steps

Have you ever seen an image or photo on Twitter that has the caption alt? Surely you will feel very curious about the picture. You can see alt text on Twitter but before that I will explain first what is alt text on Twitter.

What is ALT Text On Twitter?

ALT text which stands for Alternative Text is a text that will tell you about the image that you have posted. In other cases, this is usually referred to as a photo or image description.
With a description on the image, people will know what you mean by sharing the image. Even though the alt text includes a description of the image, it doesn’t always appear on the screen.
In fact, you can only see the alt text in the corner of the image. Of course this is curious because everyone wants to know or see alt text on Twitter.
How to see alt text on Twitter is very easy. If you are ready to learn it, please follow the following steps properly and correctly.

How to See ALT Text On Twitter

1. Open your Twitter account on your PC or on your mobile device.
2. Look for the image with the ALT logo in the left corner.
3. Tap the ALT text.
4. Then an Image description will appear that you can see and read.
Up here, how to see alt text on Twitter you have successfully done. Now if you are interested in trying to create alt text on Twitter, below I have also written down the steps for you, see more below.

How to Add ALT Text On Twitter

1. First, open your Twitter.
2. Create a tweet by pressing the + icon or the pencil icon.
3. Tap on the gallery icon to upload an image which is located to the left of the gif icon.
4. Then select a picture from your storage or take a picture with the camera directly.
5. After that, press Add description.
6. You can write a description of the image according to what you want.
7. If you have, press the Save button to save.
8. Finally, hit Tweet.
So that’s how to see alt text on Twitter. Do not let you miss this cool feature because so that your friends can understand the images you post. In addition, everyone can see alt text on Twitter easily.

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