How to Snooze Someone On Facebook In 4 Steps

Facebook has become the most preferred social media application, even almost all people can play Facebook without limits. Its very interesting features make many people want to continue using it, one example of its feature is snooze.
Many people want to try how to snooze someone on fb. Of course they want to try it because they are curious about the feature. But what is certain is that someone or friend’s snooze on fb aims to remove their posts for a while.
So you will not see the latest posts from them in your feed. Of course this is very suitable for those of you who feel bored with posts that are not useful, that way you can use the snooze feature of someone on fb.
How to snooze friends on Facebook is also very easy. If you are currently looking for it then I will show it here. Here are the steps on how to snooze friend or someone on fb.

How to Snooze Someone On FB

1. To snooze someone on fb, open your Facebook account.
2. Then open the Facebook account profile of someone or your friend.
3. Tap on the Friends button.
4. After that, select Snooze for 30 days.
At this point, the account’s posts will not appear on your home page for 30 days. If it’s been more than 30 days, you can see posts from that account again automatically.
You can also end snooze friends on Facebook. If you want it too, please follow the steps below.

How to End Snooze On Facebook

1. Open the profile of the friend you have snooze with.
2. Tap the Friends button.
3. Then select End Snooze.
Ok, so that’s how to snooze someone on fb. Before you block that person, you better use the snooze feature of someone on fb because this feature will work well and is very useful.
That’s an article about how to snooze someone on fb. See you in the next post, thank you.

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