How to Spray Paint In Valorant, Only 7 Steps

Hello friends, have you seen another player spray paint in Valorant? Then what do you think about it? You must think that spray paint in Valorant is something extraordinary, right. This is where I will discuss about it.
Sometimes there are some players who spray paint in Valorant on walls or on existing doors. The goal is to mark that location they have entered with their teammates so that the enemy will be more alert when they see the sign.
In addition, this also makes many players interested and want to try it. Curiosity arose because the paint marks they saw were very good. The sign has a specific logo depending on what the player has chosen.
Well, how to spray paint in Valorant is also very easy. You will know the steps after following the tutorial that I will give below.

How to Use Sprays In Valorant

1. The first step, open the Valorant game on your device.
2. Then click on the Collection tab.
3. After that, click Sprays on the bottom left.
4. Select one of the sprays that are already open and click Equip.
5. To use sprays in Valorant, you must win one round until it says WON.
6. If the word WON appears, point to the wall, door or to the floor and press the T key on your keyboard.
7. Then automatically you have successfully applied or spray paint in Valorant.
That’s how to spray paint in Valorant. If you want to have more logo sprays then you have to get them first because usually for new players, there are still a few open sprays.
That’s all I can share about how to spray paint in Valorant. Hopefully this article is useful for you and see you in the next post, thank you.

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