In the update version 2.3 Genshin Impact has added a new artifact domain called slumbering court. Then how do you unlock slumbering court Genshin Impact and where is the slumbering court located? Read the full article below.
To unlock a new domain or slumbering court Genshin Impact, of course there are some requirements that you must complete, such as reaching a certain rank and having completed certain quests.
So for those of you who want to unlock slumbering court Genshin Impact, below I will explain a little and maybe it can help you.

How to Unlock Slumbering Court Genshin Impact

Make sure you have reached adventure rank 30 because all of this is according to what has been determined by Genshin Impact itself. Then you have to complete the quest archon chapter 2 in part 1, namely The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.
Next, I suggest that you complete the Seirai Stormchaser quest because when you complete the quest the lightning that strikes around the slumbering court will disappear so you can carry out activities well.

Slumbering Court Genshin Impact Location

If you are able to enter Seirai Island in Inazuma, you can see the sign of the Slumbering Court on the map. But as it turned out, the slumbering court was like a river in a cave that was underground and also covered with grass and trees.
There are 2 ways that you can use to enter the slumbering court, namely on the first road there are many plants that cover it and while on the second road there is a hilicurl champ guarding it.
If you want to enter through the first path then you have to teleport using the waypoint which is north of Fort Hiraumi. If you go through the second way, you can use the waypoint that is south of Fort Hiraumi to teleport.
Then you have to beat the doormen like mitachuri and also hilicurl until you really succeed.

Slumbering Court Genshin Impact Prize

The domain slumbering court will give you two sets of artifact rewards, such as the Husk of Opulent Dream and the Ocean-Hued Claim. Each of the artifacts has a different passive so it is recommended for a suitable character.
So that’s how to unlock slumbering court Genshin Impact. Those two gifts are enough for you to have and don’t miss them. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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