10 Ways How to Unsubscribe From Twitter Emails

Maybe some of you are annoyed by the emails that come from Twitter. If true, then you have to find a way to unsubscribe from Twitter Emails, of course, so that all activities on the device you are using do not get notifications that are not important.
There are times when notifications are really needed for some people but if you receive notifications continuously then it’s not a good thing for you, just like Twitter Email.
Every time there is a new notification from your Twitter account, you will also get the notification via email. This is automatically set up so you don’t have to open a Twitter account to see notifications.
But unfortunately not everyone wants this because they feel uncomfortable so the only way to stop all that is to unsubscribe from Twitter Emails.
How to unsubscribe from Twitter Emails is also fairly easy. Let’s learn more in the following.

How to Unsubscribe From Twitter Emails

1. Open your Twitter account.
2. Then open the menu.
3. Select Settings and privacy.
4. Select Notifications.
5. Tap Preferences.
6. Tap Email notifications.
7. After that turn off Email notifications by pressing it or sliding to the left.
8. Then return to the previous page.
9. Tap Push notifications.
10. Also disable Push notifications and done.
Now you have unsubscribe from Twitter Emails and you will not get notification via Email again. But you still receive notifications in your Twitter account.
If at any time you want to reactivate then you can follow the steps I have written above.
So now there are no interruptions that come in via the Email associated with your Twitter because you yourself have unsubscribe from Twitter Emails.
That’s how to unsubscribe from Twitter Emails. I hope you can understand it well because unsubscribe from Twitter Emails is very easy to do.

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