3 Ways How to Add Friend On Clash Royale 2021

How to Add People In Clash Royale – In the game Clash Royale you can add friends. This is where I will discuss about it. For those of you who want to know, read this article to the end.
Add people in Clash Royale aims so that they can become our friends. Of course, add people is a feature that is commonly used in all online games like Clash Royale.
There are three ways to add friends or someone in Clash Royale, namely through invitations, Facebook and also in person. You can read more in the following.

How to Add Friend On Clash Royale

1. By invitation
To add people or add friend in Clash Royale by invitation, you can use a link. Later you have to share the link with someone you want to add, here’s how:
  • First, tap on the menu or Social tab.
  • Then hit the Friends tab.
  • After that, press on the Invite Friend button.
  • Next, you can copy the link and share it with someone on social media.
2. Via Facebook
For how to add peole in Clash Royale with Facebook, you must first connect Clash Royale with a Facebook account, the method is as follows:
  • Go to the Social tab.
  • Tap on the Friends tab.
  • Then press Connect FB to connect it.
  • If it is connected then your friend will appear.
3. Through 2v2 battles
If you want to add friend on Clash Royale without Facebook, you can do so in 2v2 battle mode. In the Chat view that appears, tap on the + icon to add friends.
Once that person is out of battle then you cannot add that person. So you have to be quick to use it.
That’s how to add friend on Clash Royale. You just need to choose which way you like. But in my opinion all the above methods are very easy to do.

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