6 Ways How to Change ML Loading Screen, 100% Working
Have you ever seen a very cool ml loading screen? Then what crossed your heart at that time? Surely you want to do it too right. How to change loading screen ml you can indeed do. Of course there is a purpose when change loading screen ml.
The purpose of wanting to change ml loading screen is to make the display better than usual because as we know that in general the ml loading screen display has been determined by Moonton and can change at any time by itself.
If the ml loading screen looks like that every day, you will definitely feel bored when you see it. Therefore you have to replace the ml loading screen.
In addition, how to change loading screen ml is also very easy. You just need to provide a video of the ml loading display and install it. Alright, here I show you how to completely replace the ml loading screen.

How to Change ML Loading Screen

1. Make sure you already have any video that will be used as the ml loading screen.
2. The video must be named Splash and have the existence of mp4, for example as follows:


3. Then move the video into the following location:


4. Move the video to the location I mentioned above.
5. If a question appears about whether you want to replace an existing video, select Yes.
6. Up here, how to change loading screen ml you have successfully done.
To enter the file manager you can use the ZArchiver application. You can set the duration of the video yourself, if the video is too long then before the video finishes playing, you will immediately enter the main view.
If the video is too short, the ml loading screen display will stop until loading is complete, then you enter the main screen of Mobile Legends.
So basically to change ml loading screen, you can make your own ml loading screen according to the videos you record such as the Mobile Legends video game or even other funny videos. To record video, you can use a video recorder application.
That’s how to change loading screen ml. Hope you understand it well because the method is very simple so that everyone can change ml loading screen.

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