How to Change Username On Valorant – Every game must have a username on the account that has been created, this is the same as Valorant. Even in the Valorant game, you will have your own username, you can even change username on Valorant as you wish.
Some people say that the username in Valorant cannot be changed. Actually it can be replaced but if they know how. They say that because they don’t know how to change username in Valorant.
Therefore, you are very lucky to find this post because this post will explain how to change your username in Valorant. So you just need to follow the steps to completion.
Okay, for those of you who want to change your username on Valorant, please follow the steps I have written below so that you can do it successfully by change your username in Valorant.

How to Change Username On Valorant

1. Open the Valorant website via the link
2. Tap the arrow > that appears on your screen.
3. Then login using the account you want to change username.
4. Tap on Change Username Anyway (Not Required).
5. After that enter a new username for your Valorant.
6. If you have, tap the arrow > at the bottom.
7. Tap Yes.
8. Then there will be a message that tells you that you have successfully changed your username on Valorant.
9. Tap the arrow > back to continue.
Now you have change your username in Valorant, but if you are not sure, you can check it by logging into your Valorant game. There you can see whether the username in Valorant has been changed or not and of course it’s done.
That’s how to change username on Valorant. Even though the method is very easy, but there are still many who do not know it.
If you already know then you can tell your friends about how to change your username in Valorant this easy.

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