How to Crouch In Valorant PC – There are all kinds of things to do in Valorant, one of which is crouching. You can crouch in Valorant to do some important things, for example to attack your opponent or dodge your opponent’s attack.
Crouch is a feature in Valorant, any user can do it. Of course this will give you an advantage when you fight the enemy one-on-one.
Just imagine if you continue to stand while attacking your opponent then you might be hit by their attacks. This also goes into the technique of achieving big wins.
How to crouch in Valorant is also not difficult, if you use a PC, you can use the buttons available on the keyboard and after that you can stand back up so that it will speed up you in avoiding opponent attacks.
For those of you who want to try crouch in Valorant, here’s how to crouch in Valorant.

How to Crouch In Valorant

In general, to crouch in Valorant you can do it by pressing the Left CTRL key. The button is located at the bottom of the keybind that is used to run or rather Left Shift.
Even so, but not a few players who change the crouch button in Valorant. Of course that can be done via Settings within Valorant. There you can go to the Controls tab to edit the crouch in Valorant.
Meanwhile, crouch can be found at the bottom of the Movements tab. In addition, in Settings, you can also set the crouch to be switchable.
Well, the way to crouch in Valorant is more or less like that. So now of course you already know it, no need for a complicated method because with just a few steps you can crouch in Valorant.

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