How to Get AP in Valorant Fast – Level is something that is very important and needed in all online games, Valorant one of them. If you want your account to be stronger then you must have a high level in Valorant so that it is easy to win when competing.
Of course, to achieve that there is one thing you should pay attention to, namely Account Points or AP.
Account Points (AP) are the main requirements so that you can increase your account level at Valorant. The more AP you get, the easier the account level will increase.
But not all players know how to get AP in Valorant. Even though it is actually easy but for them it is a difficult thing because they are not used to doing it.
Fortunately, here I have some explanations that you can understand about how to get AP in Valorant. So you can follow the steps I will give below.
Here’s how to get AP in Valorant.

How to Get AP In Valorant

To get AP in Valorant you can do it by playing several matches. The amount of AP you will get is uncertain, it’s all based on the duration and results of the matches you have completed.
If you have just played one match today then you will earn AP in Valorant from your first match.
Keep in mind that AP can only increase account level and is not related to your battlepass or agent xp. In addition, if the match is over, the AP that you have obtained will appear on the player’s card.
If you get 5,000 AP in Valorant then immediately your account level will increase because the Account Points (AP) limit reaches 5,000.
Well, so that’s how to get AP in Valorant. I hope you can do well. The more matches you play and win, the more AP you will get in Valorant.

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