How to Get Modded Clash Royale – Clash Royale is a very fun game, especially if we have unlimited items. Unfortunately you can’t get it in the original Clash Royale but you can get it in the modded Clash Royale.
Modded Clash Royale is different from the usual Clash Royale where modded Clash Royale will give you a lot of items. Even if you are only looking for a little gold, what you will get is many times over.
In addition, the server is also different, the Clash Royale account on your original server will not be able to meet the modded Clash Royale account. But all that doesn’t matter because it’s the game we’re going to need.
How to get modded Clash Royale is also very easy and can be done using Android. You just need to look for it on Google or on a website that provides modded Clash Royale.
Here’s how to get modded Clash Royale.

How to Get Modded Clash Royale Android

1. Open your Browser and enter into the Modded Clash Royale Android link.
2. Then tap the Download button now.
3. Tap D*wnl*ad.
4. Wait up to 10 seconds.
5. If you have, tap Download Now.
6. Wait for the process to finish.
7. When finished, you can install it on your device.
8. Create a new account and play as usual.
If you don’t use Android, you can get modded Clash Royale on other devices like iOS or iPhone, here’s how.

How to Get Modded Clash Royale iOS / iPhone

1. Open the browser and visit the Modded Clash Royale iOS link.
2. Tap the D*wnl*ad button.
3. Wait 5 seconds.
4. After that, tap iOS Version.
5. Follow the steps to complete.
That’s how to get modded Clash Royale. Now you can try it yourself and make sure once you get modded Clash Royale iOS, iPhone or Android, you have to install it manually.

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