How to Increase Stamina in Genshin Impact – In the Genshin Impact game, players really need stamina because stamina plays an important role in the life of each character used. Surely the stamina in Genshin Impact will have an effect in several ways.
For example, when you run, swim, slide and many others. If you want to keep doing these activities then you have to get more stamina in Genshin Impact.
Even though the stamina in Genshin Impact can actually be restored for a while but what if there is something that allows you to do longer activities like that then of course you will need more stamina.
But luckily, you are now in an article that shows you how to get more stamina in Genshin Impact so you can do it.
Here’s how to get more stamina in Genshin Impact.

How to Get More Stamina In Genshin Impact

Luckily first, you can increase your stamina in Genshin Impact by increasing the level of statue seven and you must have understood this.
You can also go to a hidden place like the tevyat in the statue of seven. When you first go there, that part of the map’s whereabouts will be revealed. Then you can give oculi then you will get a permanent stamina buff.
You can find as many eyes as you can and give it to the statue of seven then the stamina level will increase. If you want to take advantage of stamina, use a character that uses less stamina, for example:
  • Venti’s Windrider.
  • Amber’s Champion Glider.
  • Razor’s Wolvensprint.
  • Kaeya.
  • Beidou’s Conqueror of Tides.
So that’s how to get more stamina in Genshin Impact. I hope you can understand it well so that everything you do is fully successful.

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